The Meso-cosmetic
according to Méviderm

The concept of meso-cosmetics is inspired by mesotherapy using manual “microneedling”.

The Roller + meso-roller equipped with 0.25 mm micro-needles stimulates epidermal cells. Indeed, the repeated passage of the Roller + on the area concerned allows to create a multitude of small perforations at the epidermal level.Natural repair causes an acceleration of cellular metabolism and fights effectively against aging. On the other hand, the small channels formed will increase the permeability of the epidermis and improve the cutaneous absorption of the active ingredients. Thus, it is recommandes to apply the M+ solution before and after using the Roller+.

Thinking of an easy use at home, the non-invasive and painless meso-cosmetic Méviderm is available to you.

After a cure of 5 weeks, the skin appears more supple (73%) and redensified (64%). Soft, supple and plumped, your skin is rejuvenated, your complexion is radiant.