Laboratoires Méviderm : A younger-looking skin  without surgery.

La Mésothétrapie,
created in 1952
by a doctor

One of the most popular acts in
aesthetic medicine for its
anti-aging effect and immediate
effect of getting a good look.

The manual
Microneedling, thanks
to our Roller+

The micro-spikes that
stimulate the skin in
oder to cause a
regenerating reaction.

The Meso-cosmetic
according to

Directly inspired
by the mesotherapy
while using
manual « microneedling »

The Méviderm Ritual

Clean the face
with the Aox+ mousse

Apply half of the
solution M+
on the face,
neck and neckline

Use the Roller+
on the face,
neck and neckline

your solution M+

Apply the mask
Hydra+ for
15 to 20 minutes

Why use the Méviderm
Meso tange?

M+ Solution is
an effective booster

Rich in amino acids, peptides, vitamins, minerals, antioxydants and hyaluronic acid. A true revitalizing cocktail for your skin cells .

A non-invasive

The small spikes of our Roller+ are non-invasive. Indeed, they do not go to the dermis and causes neither bleeding nor pain.

Complementary to
your daily care

There is no need to throw all your favorite treatments! Our ritual will work in perfect harmony with your favorite creams and others.